Wednesday, 10 January 2018



Salle was founed by….
Could you tell me the full name of the last president in the USA?
Tell me the name of the current Spanish king.
Who is the author of these paints?
a)   Frida Khalo
b)   Fernando Botero
c)   Leonardo Da Vinci


Tell me the name of 3 art teachers.
Tell me 15 colours
Name the TV series of a yellow family.
Name the musical that the main character is John Travolta.
In what series does Eleven belong?
How much does the Earth weigh?
a)    Aprox. 6600 milions of trillions of tones.
b)    Aprox. 6000 milions of trillions of tones.
c)    Aprox. 6600 milions of trillions.

Tell me the name of the process of the plants.

Tell me the name of one metamorphic rock.


Tell me how many children has Puigdemont  got?
What percentage has fallen in the sale of books since October?
a)    10%
b)    15%
c)    6%
d)    5%
Name the president of North Korea.
a)    Xiang Rin
b)    Talch Lanck
c)    Kin Joun

Who is the Barça’s coach at the moment?
In which team does the basketball player Pau Gasol play.
a)    Likers
b)    Bulls
c)    San Antonio Spurs
What is the Dance World Cup?

By: Jana, Maria and Axel